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Brief Information about the Books
Kundalini yoga is a specialized form of yoga, which in general combines hatha, tantra, mantra, laya and raja yogas scientifically, in a way. It is aimed at stimulating the "dormant energy" at the base of the spine, called Kundalini in the East, and Spiritual Life Force in general. Kundalini, on awakening, passes through the seven centers of energy called chakras. The lowest, below the base of spine, called Mooladhar, and the highest, on top of the head, is called Sahasrar. When it reaches the highest center, one perceives higher consciousness, experiences it and lives in it, finally. This book defines Kundalini, discusses various methods of awakening and ways of recognizing it, and the precautions and self-realization, as a result of the awakening.
Kriya Yoga
Kriya Yoga is the most advanced technique amongst all disciplines of yoga. One can enter into it after about two years of Hatha yoga, which purifies the body and calms the mind, which are the prerequisites for kriya yoga. It is combination of nearly 20 practices. Since it does not require the control of mind; which follows eventually automatically; it suits all kinds of practitioners-householders or recluse. It is a very effective method of experiencing Kundalini directly. The basic text, with variations of course, has been dealt with by several writers, all of whom deserve thanks from us especially Swami Satyanand Saraswati. However, the methods presented in this small book are a result of my personal experiences with Kundalini over the years.
Chakras and Nadis
Kundalini energy is the basis of evolution and it works through the centers of energy, called chakras, and associated nerves, called nadis. Transformation of personality in a practitioner takes place gradually as the various chakras open up. It also depends on the nadis. Each one is important - the most important being Sushumna through which the Kundalini is supposed to rise for Self-realization. It is the continuation of "Kundalini Yoga" on the practical side. This book provides concise information on what one should know about chakras and nadis. There are seven stations or chakras along the spinal column through which Kundalini passes, on awakening. And, there are 72,000 nerves or nadis in the whole body.
'Aura' enables us to perceive the soul and to interpret its various appearances. Anything having an atomic structure will have an aura, which is a 'field of energy' surrounding it. Holy people have a large field of energy and they have generally been portrayed with a luminous halo around their heads, either white or golden in color. Colors in an aura around the body clearly tell about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual condition of the person. This book gives the details of auric studies conducted at the Academy of Kundalini Yoga and quantum Soul.
Dreams are one of the most powerful tools of 'spiritual awakening.' Not all people remember dreams, but through proper training one can remember them. Spiritual leaders from almost all faiths and traditions have emphasized that dreams are an important means of evolution. It is also said that dreams is the language through which God talks to us. This book deals with all the three kinds of dreams: those related to daily life, the predictive ones, and the mythological ones.
Psychic Development
Psychic Development implies 'evolution' that is accompanied by acquisition of senses and powers beyond the five normal senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching. With the opening of the chakras, the hitherto dormant regions of the brain awaken gradually. With these awakenings, the individual acquires powers such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, prophecy, levitation, out-of-body experiences, healing, etc., depending on one's training and interests. People known for their outstanding achievements in any field, have been successful because they were able to develop the psychic potentials within them. Any one ranging from a carpenter to a social reformer, can achieve success by developing the psychic potential, that lies within.
The theory of psychic development is presented in this book, The text is based on personal experiences of people, especially those associated with The Academy of Kundalini Yoga and Quantum Soul. It is complete guide for a lay person who wants to learn to harness his or here energies in a really productive way.
Karma Yoga
Karma Yoga is the first of the Vedic methods recommended for Self-realization. It is the path of selfless action. It concerns day to day activities in normal life, which are to be dealt with balanced behavior. It requires seeker to take pleasure and pain with equality of sentiments; to do one's duty with sincerity and leave the result to God. By sacrificing the fruits of one's actions to God, one develops equanimity and is not bound by karma. This is the whole purpose of karma yoga. Karma yoga alone is enough to give Self-realization. Examples of karmayogis are Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa. The Bhagavad-Gita has a lot to offer on karma yoga. This book presents the elements of karma yoga in a simple and comprehensive way, as taught and practiced at the academy of Kundalini Yoga and Quantum Soul.
Jnana Yoga
Jnana yoga is the "path of knowledge." It was designed in the Vedic period, for people with stronger minds than the hearts. It is basically the method of finding an answer to the question, "Who am I." One keeps on pondering on all possible answers and goes on negating them one by one, till the right answer is reached. The right answer is that one is soul or Atman, and since Atman is akin to God, one gets an intuitive understanding of God. Notable Jnanayogis were King Janaka, Raman Maharishi, Socrates etc. Although Jnana yoga is in itself the complete path to the knowledge of Self and God, the right approach would be to first undergo Karma yoga to achieve equanimity and an equipoise mind, and then undergo Jnana yoga to know first hand that there exists a superintelligence called God, and finally to undergo Bhakti yoga to taste the Godhood personally. Without the taste of God in person, dry philosophical knowledge does not give full satisfaction; one keeps missing something - joy or bliss. This book presents the elements of Jnana yoga in a simple and comprehensive way, so that it is understandable to the common man. Simple and practical methods are presented that have been followed at the Academy of Kundalini Yoga and Quantum Soul
Bhakti Yoga
The path of devotion, called Bhakti yoga, is said to be the best when compared to Karma yoga and Jnana yoga, and it is the final stage of union with God. Karma yoga (the path of selfless action) creates a balanced mind in the practitioner, Jnana yoga (the path of knowledge) brings the knowledge of the existence of God, and Bhakti yoga unites the practitioner finally with God Absolute. Lord Krishna declared in the Bhagavad-Gita that He is the personification of bhakti/love Himself. This book is an attempt to bring the principles of Bhakti yoga to the knowledge of the common reader. Practical formulas, based on the age-old experiences of the saints, are given, which can be followed by the practitioner to become one with god Almighty. The methods are based on my personal experiences over the years, and there is nothing, which has not been tested by me personally. Therefore, I can safely recommend the methods presented here. These methods are the foundations of the Academy of Kundalini Yoga and Quantum Soul, and a good umber of people are engaged in practicing them at the centers in Florida, Copenhagen and London. Recently, a center has been established in New Delhi. Nevertheless, India is known as the land of austerity (tapobhumi) and over the years, a large number of practitioners have achieved Self-realization. Consequently, there are several centers in the country and many gurus are available for help. It is important to have a guru of one's own liking. As no two people can have the same fingerprints, similarly no two people can have the same path. Even the disciples of the same guru are found to have fine differences themselves.
Tantra Yoga
The materialistic or scientific view of time is that objects and events were generated through an origin, way back in time immemorial and that this origin is untraceable. Tantra reverses this viewpoint and believes that objects and events are being produced continuously in the present in the same manner as a flamer is projected by the trail-vent of a rocket. The origin is implicit in the projection mechanism used by Tantra in sex. Spirituality becomes traceable through this reversal of genesis. This reversal is called Paravriti in Sanskrit.
Briefly, the underlying principle of Tantra is to raise one's enjoyment to the highest degree and then use it as a rocket-fuel for spiritual advancement, which eventually leads to enlightenment. The male principle of universal creation is the seed of Being, called Shiva, and the female principle, who is the creative partner, is the goddess Shakti. Shakti spreads out in space, time and the universe before each living being and therefore is nearer for worship than the male principle. She is worshipped in many guises and under many names. Most importantly, she is revered in the form of the female generative organ of the world, that is, the vulva. Tantra recognizes the sex drive and copulation is seen as the symbol of bliss and divine worship. Performed with proper rituals and mantras, it is supposed to be the most powerful tool for achieving enlightenment.
How to be One with God
Scriptures and holy books are not understood in their right Perspective unless one becomes an initiate or twice born. However great a scholar one may be, one cannot really appreciate the facts presented therein in the real sense. Why this is so, and what is the way back to our original spirituallity, is the subject matter of the book. The book presents the author's autobiography, giving details of evolution of universe, and then various methods of transcending normal consciousness to become tweice born. Finally the method of Shaktipat for a "quantum jump into divinity through the power passed onto a disciple by the Guru" is presented. The author has given his reconmmendations and suggestions to the seekers based on his personal experiences.
Hatha Yoga
Complete information in brief about Hatha Yoga postures that help in building the all round personality of an individual-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This includes Pranayama (breath control) which prepares the practitioner to receive higher energy from cosmos and Guru at the time of initiation. Ha means sun and tha means moon. Thus Hatha Yoga postures are an attempt to bring a balance between the masculine and feminine energies, that is, intellectuality and sentimentality, which when complete the individual is ready to receive enlightenment.
The use of mantras, for self-realization and for knowing God, has been made in India since time immemorial. Nevertheless, study and research has shown that people of all faiths and traditions used mantras in different parts of the world, although in a limited way. Mantras used in conjunction with other practices, such as yoga and meditation, have been found to yield quicker results.

In this small book, I endeavor to present the theory and practice of mantras as it has been used at our academy for several years.