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Numerology Consultation
From birth to death, everybody is a number and in most cases, a series of numbers. In the world of Occult this is known as numerology. Numerology is an ancient science that offers insight into the personality and accurate predictions of future events by assigning numeric values to names and birth dates, calculating numerological values and then interpreting the results.
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Academy of Kundalini Yoga and Quantum Soul invites and welcomes those aspirants who are on the path of spirituality and soulfulness. After a brief analysis of the spiritual environment of our present times, we have, for the time being, broadly devised two kind of memberships for the true seekers of mystic life.

Premium Membership
Seekers must posses a burning desire to reach to the peak of spiritual enlightenment. Their pursuit should be aimed towards knowing the secrets of life through Kundalini awakening. Their association with Academy will enlighten them with intelligent options, providing practical solutions, using innovative methods under the privilege of lifetime membership card. They will be treated as core members of Kundalini Awakening Movement with Shaktipat as its central theme and will be blessed by Swami Ravindraanandh on regular basis.
Associate Membership
Life is a beautiful journey and everybody is a wanderer here for sometime. The journey becomes more joyful and meaningful when in a good company. To hold hand for sometime to pass for a time-space zone would be an entirely different experience. So is the feel of the presence of true guardians who can take you to an altogether different journey can be of great value. For this purpose associate membership card is here.
  • One can avail free sessions of Numerological Consultations for two at Delhi Ashram premises in a year.
  • One can have free access to valuable books on occult sciences available at ashram according to ashram’s book lending policy.
  • One time chakra healing will be done for the associate member annually.
  • One will get honourble discount if he/she wishes to get Kundalini awakening through Shaktipat

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