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Shaktipat: Road to Self Realization

Shaktipat is a process of spiritual awakening where the spiritual master infuses its seeker with positive energy. It has been regarded as the most effective way leading to the awakening of Kundalini. Awakening Kundalini through the grace of a Guru is traditionally seen as the best and most natural way of stirring this energy. In the Shaktipat tradition, a Guru is a person who can awaken Kundalini energy in another and the one receiving the energy from the Guru is the initiate.

This method was once considered as the utmost level of all spiritual inductions. It is that stage when the already awakened master, confers on his discipline the spiritual energy of Kundalini. In this method, "divine energy" passes directly from the Guru to the initiate. The initiation can be performed in four ways: through touch, sight, mental concentration, and a mantra. Along with the master, full dedication of the student is essential to experience the divine bliss completely. The aspirant, with the help of his master gradually achieves higher states of consciousness where there is nothing else but total bliss.

Through this spiritual practice Kundalini is awakened which is a sure sign of active Shakti. The practitioner then experiences Shakti active within him/her as an all-encompassing, expansive energy. The body of the practitioner becomes the entire cosmos as the cosmos and the practitioner complement each other. One begins to live fully and become totally awake for the first time and the state of Self-realization is attained. In this way the individual soul attains the state of super-consciousness.
Swami ji has established the Academy of Kundalini Yoga and Quantum Soul for imparting training in Shaktipat, with centers in Florida, Copenhagen, London and New Delhi

Kundalini: Realize the unlimited potential
The pristine state where the mind and the senses work to gain the blissful state of complete harmony between body and soul can be achieved through Kundalini. Kundalini in Sanskrit means something that is coiled. It is a concentrated form of prana or life force, lying dormant in chakras in the body. This coiled energy at the base of the spine has the power to awaken the chakras which in turn fill the body with energy and the soul with peace.

Kundalini yoga awakens the "kundalini" which is the unlimited potential that already exists within every human being. The awakening of kundalini means awakening of inner knowledge, awareness and evolved consciousness. It eliminates negativity and fills positivity in the body, and raises the level of awareness and enhances the will power and concentration of the mind. Kundalini integrates the mind with the physical body to ensure a balance between the emotional and the pragmatic self. The path of Kundalini is said to proceed from the Muladhara Chakra at the lower end of the spinal column up to the Sahasara Chakra at the top of the head.

With the rising of Kundalini comes the intuitive knowledge that there is no death. When this happens, the inner state of the aspirant quickly changes; there is calmness, an inner contentment, and a synchronicity with life not present before. The practitioner then experiences Shakti active within him/her as an all-encompassing, expansive energy. The body of the practitioner becomes the entire cosmos as the cosmos and the practitioner complement each other. Practitioners experience a unified, eternal flow of life force or energy circulating between them and universal consciousness. Kundalini yoga also claims to provide extensive benefits for personal growth, health and improving mental and physical well-being, including asthma, diabetes, pain, stress-related diseases, healing and rehabilitating addictive behavior, and treating mental disorders.

Swami Ravindranand is awakening Kundalini through shaktipat for several decades. Swami ji initiated advocate Harish Chandra Pradhan of Baharaich, near Lucknow, India who got his Kundalini activated the very first day after the touch of initiation. He was the lone trustee of Dhuria Baba ashram in Baharaich and was in search of a proper Guru. With his awakening he transferred the ashram to Academy of Kundalini Yoga and Quantum Soul with Swami Ravindrand as the Guru and himself as the working minister
Dr Ravindraanandh says

Dr Ravindraanandh says that in the case of seekers who are prepared, Kundalini awakening process takes only ten days at the most. This preparation includes an urge from inside to achieve enlightenment, regular practice of yoga, meditation, pranayam and contemplation, must have performed some devotional service for a purpose or adopted any spiritual path or practice for quite some time.
Besides this, practicing some alternative holistic therapy and conducting life changing programmes also empowers and hence entitles people to march ahead on the path of enlightenment.

Real life experiences:
  • Nan was a college student in the Midwest in the 1960s. She had been a drug addict, but later lived in an ashram in India where she meditated for up to eight hours a day and did not eat much. Nan frequently experienced kriyas such as making sounds, humming, jerking her body, rolling around on the floor, and falling over.
    She said: I experienced twisting-snaking energy that was blissful, moving from the lower back or base of the spine upward, that caused my body to writhe around, moaning and groaning, twisting, swaying, falling forward or backward and then having a sudden backward jerk of the head accompanied by the sound of 'hum.' There was also an arching backward until falling over." Sometimes she fell over and rolled on the ground or moved into asanas or mudras, and once she danced in a trance of ecstasy. (Greenwell 1990, p. 189D190)

  • Karen, a slim and graceful college professor in her 40s, studied Self-Realization Fellowship courses of Yogananda and practiced Kriya Yoga. She began Jungian analysis, and had lucid dreams. One night she began spontaneous rapid breathing and felt like jumping into an abyss. She saw an image of a door opening and some kind of energy passing through her. Another time, vibrations and tremors passed through her legs, spine, and face and she performed yoga asanas (postures) spontaneously for about three hours. Energy streamed upwards and vibrations shook her entire body. She felt that the energy wanted to do things with her body that she was unable to do, and her body felt like clay.

    She was pulled into extreme postures she fell backward and upside down, her fingers rigid; she performed a headstand; she stood up with a full body vibration and went forward to the ground; she heard the words "siddha yoga" and her head jerked from side to side; she had a sense of a butterfly body living within her as if her body was its cocoon. It seemed to break out as a new body through her back with still wet wings beginning to unfold; an unusual breathing pattern took over; she began growling and pawing at the floor and said, "I am a leopard; I'm a South-American leopard." (Greenwell 1990, p. 208D209)

I have known Dr. Ravindra Kumar closely since 1995 when he worked with me as a professor of comparative religion at the Belk Research Foundation in Charlotte, North Carolina. Earlier, at several international conferences, I had listened to him speak with great authority on the subject of life after death. He spoke with eloquence and confidence, clearly based on his personal investigation of other realms of existence. His revelations -- coming as they did from a self-realized soul with a scientific background -- were all the more convincing.

It was in 1987 that Dr. Kumar experienced the awakening of the Kundalini, a unique event that transformed his whole life. As he lost interest in the material world, his focus of attention turned to spirituality. Within a decade he was able to author 12 practical handbooks on Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Chakras and Nadis, Mantra, Aura, Dreams, Psychic Development, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga and tantra Yoga. He also wrote Secrets of Numerology (1992) and Destiny, Science and Spiritual Awakening (1997). Dr. Kumar is further concentrating on writing books that combine classical wisdom with modern scientific findings. After Kundalini for Beginners (2000), Kundalini Book of Living and Dying (2004) is the fourth in his widely acclaimed series that illustrate the common link in all religions of a spiritual energy, referred to here as Kundalini.

Dr. Ravindra Kumar has evolved a method called the "Integral Path", which includes yogic exercises, pranayama (breath Control), meditation, prayer, study of scriptures and regulated sex. This "Integral Path" is a scientific combination of various yogic disciplines and is possibly the shortest path to awaken Kundalini energy and to experience Self/God realization within a single lifetime. Dr. Kumar's approach is in consonance with ancient Vedic teachings as well as the findings of several Masters. His absorbing and enlightening workshops (which comfortably stretch up to two hours) on the awakening of the Kundalini -- a vast potential of energy lying dormant within each of us -- command an ever-growing international response.

Dr. Kumar has already established centers on "Kundalini Yoga & Quantum Soul" at New Delhi, Bradenton (Florida), Copenhagen, and London. He is looking forward to establishing additional centers around the world. At the same time he is also concentrating on writing books in which he intends to show how all religions have a common link in the spiritual energy known as Kundalini. Dr. Kumar accepts disciples for Shaktipat training now.

William Henry Belk II
Founder Director
Belk Research Foundation
Charlotte, NC, USA.